DJ’s with masks

It is well known that the music business is a highly competetive market. Anyone wishing to survive in such a market has to distinguish himself from competitors in one way or another. This is also true for DJ’s, a market that is very crowded and where only few will be able to make a living out of the salaries paid. So, not only the technical abilities and the taste for music are important, but also the ability to market themself. One possibility of achieving that is the usage of a distinct, remarkable outfit. By doing so, chances are to be remembered by an audience as well as to make a name for oneself.

Some DJ’s or Dj Teams achieve this by using masks to disguise and to create some kind of a trademark for themselves. Beside looking at least interesting, it is also a challenge to DJ while being masked, as the process of deejaying is complicated quite a bit by having to do so masked through somewhat hindered vision and hearing. Nevertheless, some DJ’s have decided to to take on that burden and are now presenting themselves using an unique outfit. You have yet to see a DJ play masked ? Look no further and find below two videos of DJ’s playing with masks. In case you are interested in the masks shown in the videos, you buy these masks at the links posted below the videos.

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  1. steampunk says:

    This seems to be one of the latest madness in night clubs and disco places today.

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