Steampunk Costumes – Dress up into a ‘steampowered’ disguise!

Steampunk costumes draw its inspiration from the Sci-Fi sub-genre ‘Steampunk’. It has often been described as gritty brass gears powered fashion influenced by the Victorian period and Gothic culture. Steampunk can combine styles from the Old West, victorian era, vampires, and British military. More often, steampunk costume are set in the framework of advanced technology, fueled by steam gas engines, mechanical gears and clock dials. Steampunk costumes appeal in the realm of speculative fiction, Sci-Fi history and alternate universe, with most of the creations based on some gritty, dark, dystopian themes.

Finding the starting point on wearing steampunk costumes would be challenging for it has many variants, with flexible patterns. The only agreed guidelines are that the style is a fusion of Victorian aesthetic principles with punk-inspired anti-establishments. You can be an eccentric airship sailor, mechanic-tailored soothsayer or a goth-scented plutocrat. Start with the hair which usually has its style from the 1800’s up to the 1930’s. For your Steampunk clothing, the fabrics include wool, brocade and leather, with patterns of argyle, damask, Victorian floral and pinstripes. The steampunk colors include dark forest greens, burnt umbers, dark browns, burgundies, darker golds, bronzes and blue-grays or teals.

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