Halloween in Japan – Lots of costume ideas

Halloween is increasingly popular in Japan. The largest halloween party took place in Shibuya, Tokyo. You’ll find lots of cool and creative costume ideas in the video below. Due to Japan being the birthplace of cosplay and manga, the costumes have a very special, exotic look to someone from the occident. Enjoy.

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Cute unicorn mask in advertisement

Very simple, yet effective costume idea shown in this Glorify Unbreakable advertisement. Besides the sunglasses, the featured unicorn mask is the remarkeable aspect of this clip. It shows that you sometimes will not need more than one costume part to create a stunning and sexy costume.

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Great costume idea – Fox costume by using just a fox mask

Wearing a fox costume for carnival is a classic, usually you will not go wrong with it. An easy way to get a good looking costume if often to just wear a mask. I stumbled across this real cool looking realistic fox mask as seen in the picture below and i am sure anyone wearing it will be happy wearing it for carnival.

fox mask

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Pictures of Wave Gothic Festival 2013

For this year’s Wave Gothic Festival, around 20’000 visitors from all around the world are expected to meet in the city of Leipzig. Please take a look at the picture to get a first impression about the latest and best outfits that were to be seen. The pictures were taken during an event called the ‘Victorian Picnic’.

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Photos of the Wave Gothic Festival 2012

It is fascinating to see anew each time the creativity of the ‘Wave Gothic Meeting’ participants in Leipzig, choosing stylish clothes and make-up. Especially at the so called ‘Victorian Picnic’, there were plenty of photo opportunities of people showing off their magnificent costumes like romantic gothic, baroque, rococo, steampunk and fantasy uniforms. In any case, there is plenty of inspiration if you need an idea on how to combine your own costume and make-up.

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Fantomas Costume

Without doubt Fantomas is one of the outstanding villains in film history. The famous bright green mask with a neutral facial expression is the special feature of this unscrupulous crook. It has been a long time since Fantomas was last seen in public. Recently he had a cameo appearance at the ‘LA BAULE 2012′ festival. His appearance could have been straight out of a film. Maybe some of you want to dress up like Fantomas too? Basically it is relatively easy to create a similar Fantomas costume. What kind of clothing to choose for the fantomas costume? We would recommend to wear a black turtleneck sweater, black suit and leather gloves. As seen in the video, the light-green Fantomas mask is the most important accessory of the disguise, which is already pretty close to the original. When wearing the costume, you should always make sure that the turtleneck is covering the neck of the mask well.

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Tiger Makeup – Tutorial for tiger facial makeup and painting

The tiger makeup is one of the sexiest and provocative facial designs for carnival. They’re sleek, fierce and sassy, but more than anything, the tiger makeup is exotic and fun. You can just imagine painting your face in orange and black and going down the street parade, it’s like you’re transforming yourself for the brutal attraction of the jungle.

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Rollercoaster Costume

Nice piggyback costume idea found on Youtube. This rollercoaster costume looks like it can be made out of widely available materials for a great effect.

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