Fantomas Costume

Without doubt Fantomas is one of the outstanding villains in film history. The famous bright green mask with a neutral facial expression is the special feature of this unscrupulous crook. It has been a long time since Fantomas was last seen in public. Recently he had a cameo appearance at the ‘LA BAULE 2012’ festival. His appearance could have been straight out of a film. Maybe some of you want to dress up like Fantomas too? Basically it is relatively easy to create a similar Fantomas costume. What kind of clothing to choose for the fantomas costume? We would recommend to wear a black turtleneck sweater, black suit and leather gloves. As seen in the video, the light-green Fantomas mask is the most important accessory of the disguise, which is already pretty close to the original. When wearing the costume, you should always make sure that the turtleneck is covering the neck of the mask well.

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