Cybergoth Make-up Tutorial for Beginners

Here’s a cybergoth make-up tutorial for cybergoth fledglings and starters. Putting on a make-up as a cybergoth will be a bit difficult for first-timers, but once you get the hang of it, in few simple steps, your look will be explosively awesome!

Cybergoth make-up always starts by applying a pale foundation in your face. Use a foundation that would be a bit lighter than the tone of your skin, but not too light. Apply black eyeliner to outline the eyes, either with liquid eyeliner or black pencil eyeliner. Apply halfway across the bottom and top, and then apply other colors like purple, metallic silver, blue, pink, or any other colors that coordinates your outfit. Then apply eye shadow, you can use neon shade colors of blue, yellow, red, pink and purple. The next important aspect is the black mascara, use curve brush to make them curve – if you can find purple, neon blue or glitter mascara… that would be cool! Cybergoths always shave their eyebrows and then draw them back, but this will be an optional part. For the lipstick, you can try bright pink, UV green, magenta or even white. Extra options you can add would be glitter and jewels around the eyes.

Cybergoth make-up will vary according to your color coordination… always go for bright, neon, exotic colors… but at the same time stay true to the Gothic roots.

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