Funny selfmade costumes – Humans transform into machines

No kidding, it really can’t get anymore better than this: modern day transformers coming your way! These robot costumes are decent examples of homemade costumes created by enthusiasts and fans who were inspired by an action movie featuring popular robot characters. Of course, you probably have an idea what I’m talking about. I’m referring to “Transformers.” It sure needs extraordinary creativity and innovation to create such awesome robot design costumes. For instance, take into consideration the amount of time spent in conceptualizing the entire costume. Average individuals who don’t have the passion for creating such may take not only months, but years in crafting robot costumes like those shown in the following videos.

In addition, they have to estimate the proper size and shape of the materials used in order for the costume not to look like thrash. Wonder what’s the most complicated part of this costume making process? Getting the costume parts in the right fit, position, and alignment for it to achieve its ultimate purpose — transforming from a standing robot to a car miniature. That sure is a challenge! By viewing those videos, I’d say all of these guys deserve appraisal for making a robot costume design with well done and amazing looking visuals and excellent mechanism.

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