Devil Makeup – Tutorial

The best way to complete the she devil costume look in Halloween is to apply a red devil makeup. For a short tutorial on what to do, read on and take a look at the videos.

Start off by applying a red face paint foundation using the brush. Apply the makeup in circular motion to your cheeks, jaw line, chin, forehead, nose, and around the eyes. You can also use a sponge for a thicker application of the red makeup. Then draw your eyebrows, by using an angled brush to fill a black eye shadow. Use small strokes to define your eye brows. Apply some translucent powder to “set” your makeup.

You can then brush in the heavy contours in the face starting with the cheek bones, applying darker contour at the back of the ear, and then fading out towards the middle of the cheek bones. Also apply the dark contours at the top of the forehead, blending it with the hairline towards the temple. You can then similarly define the jaw line with the blended dark contours. After the contours, intensify the color in your eyes by applying black makeup in the eyelids up to the corner of the eyes. Then apply a black eye shadow at the bottom of your lower eyelash line. Using small strokes, apply a dark contour in your nose.

Put on light application of white face paint in the face, particularly at the nose, cheek bones and top of the forehead, so the light in a room will bounce and reflect in these areas of the face. Finally use a black lipstick or a black eye liner for the lips. You’re done and you can wear your devil horns, costume and cape for a devilish entrance!

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