Cosplay Wigs – A Buyer’s guide

Cosplay wigs are one of the most important elements in every cosplayer’s wardrobe. Most anime television shows like Bleach, Vampire Knight and Sailor Moon have been the favorite inspiration by most costume players, especially characters that features dazzling and colorful cosplay wigs. If you’ve just started dressing up in cosplay, you can follow this simple guide when you buy cosplay wigs.

Choose quality wigs

Most of the wigs you will find in costume stores aren’t a good choice, since mostly they easily mess up and tangle. These wigs look artificial, they easily crinkle and frizz, with a lot of hair split ends. Look for quality cosplay wigs made from eleora fiber, toyokalon or kanekalon fibers. These types of artificial hair are more suitable for styling, which features natural fall and parting of the hair. As a basic rule, choose smooth and silky cosplay wigs.

Care and washing

Take special care of your wig by making sure they are kept away from your dogs and cats. The hair fibers in cosplay wigs can be easily damaged by your pets so make sure they’re properly stored in a bag or a container. Storing them properly can also help in keeping dust from making contact with the fiber which keeps them in good condition. Also avoid putting the wigs near any source of heat. With regards to washing, specific wig materials require different washing instruction and you should follow them as provided by the manufacturer. Wigs can be washed by warm water, wig shampoos and wig conditioners.

Styling and using the cosplay wigs

You can brush the wigs by using wide tooth comb, gently and lightly without putting too much pressure from the roots and tips. Avoid using a brush on the wig and try to comb a layer at a time. You can use your fingers to free any hair tangles. Wig brushes can be bought with the wigs and these are made with metal teeth, which is better than plastic combs (plastic causes static). Consider getting quality wigs instead of cheap and low quality wigs, because they are worth the money that you will spend. High quality cosplay wigs can be used for a longer period of time and re-styled in many different ways.


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