Burlesque costumes – Sexy and seductive burlesque fashion

Use burlesque costumes if you want to feel sensual, provocative and sexy. The costume is derived from the burlesque style extravaganza of the Victorian period, with the term coming from the theatrical references in the works of William Shakespeare. This extravagant show has been known as the Victorian burlesque era, a popular musical work in London theatres between the years 1820’s and the 1880’s, with the steamy burlesque costumes characterizing the treatments of literature with whimsical style.

Wear burlesque costumes if you just like to bewitch others with fascinating wardrobes that will tease and lure them from their inhibitions. It has been a proven favorite by guys. No wonder, the burlesque fashion was never out-of-place, with numerous impressions in movies and music videos. Remember Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque, the costumes in the film are dazzling and revealing. The burlesque wardrobe shows a lot of skin and accents the curves, but remain high-class and elegant.

Burlesque costumes are typically made up of tight corset with delicate trims, short skirt with layers and frills. Another style of burlesque dress is a corset like top with a skimpy tutu skirt. Completing the burlesque look is the long satin gloves and high stockings with delicate trims and laces. Common accessories are cute colorful hats, headdresses, ribbons, feather boas, umbrellas, jewelries and high heel shoes or boots.

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