Dressing up as Freddy Krueger for Halloween

Frederick Charles Krueger, more commonly known as Freddy Krueger, is a popular villain of the Nightmare on Elm Street saga. He was buried alive by angry parents of Springwood suburban community – parents of the children he murdered. But death could not stop Freddy of his ‘calling’ – that is to kill children. He returned from death, and as his form of revenge, he kills the youth by haunting them through their nightmares.

As a result of being burned alive, Freddy’s skin is all-scarred and burned. He wears a sweater with red and green stripes, a dark fedora hat, and his popular claw-like glove, which the maker of the movie Wes Craven claimed that the claws were inspired from his cat while he was thinking of a unique weapon that that could make the character more memorable.

As the Freddy Krueger movies are very popular around the world, wearing a Freddy Krueger costume is very popular for carnival or halloween. If you want to have the Freddy Krueger look, you can buy masks out in the market. Many online shops are selling a Freddy Krueger’s complete attire. For the pants and shoes, you could wear anything that is dark in color. Now, you may just want to purchase a claw glove to complete the set-up – you can easily find one online. For the face, you could use prosthetics or buy a Freddy Krueger mask.

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