Tiger Makeup – Tutorial for tiger facial makeup and painting

The tiger makeup is one of the sexiest and provocative facial designs for carnival. They’re sleek, fierce and sassy, but more than anything, the tiger makeup is exotic and fun. You can just imagine painting your face in orange and black and going down the street parade, it’s like you’re transforming yourself for the brutal attraction of the jungle.

Creating a tiger make-up is quick and easy and can be done in less than ten minutes. First create the base color by spreading a yellow make-up in your forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and under the eyes (leave out the eyelids, eyebrows and top lip area). Then apply orange color face paint for shading, by dabbing on your cheekbones, temple area, and jaw area and in the corner of your eyebrow blending it up towards the hairline. The next thing to apply is a white makeup in your eyelid forming a triangle shape above upward towards the hairline and then afterwards also applying the white makeup on top of your lips.

You can then draw the tiger line markings by using a round brush with black makeup. Draw a marking from the corner of your eyes and nose then draw towards the eyebrow and then cut through the white triangle shape above your eyelid. In your forehead, draw two parallel jagged lines at the off center area, pointing them towards the top of your nose. Add an inverted u-shape line marking in the available space of the white triangle in your eyelids. Create several L-shaped lines in your cheek bones, with the bottom lines pointing towards the corner of your eyes. Work on the tiger nose by applying black makeup around the tip of your nose.

In your mouth, place the brush at the lip corner and extended it down for a couple of centimeters and then flip the brush up rounding and extend towards the tip of the nose. Paint a thin black line under your nose all the way to the top of your lip. Work on the whisker dots, by putting in some rounded dots on the white area above your lips and then in the corner and around the corner of your eye. That should be it and you should be ready to purr and pounce in the costume party!

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