Big Head – Amazing Costume by Dan Rosenfeld

A very creative and unusual costume that doesn’t fail to impress has been presented by Dan Rosenfeld in his blog Gururamen. The costume was prepared for this years halloween and features a wearer whose head is enclosed in a large box that uses LCD screens, cameras and microphones to allow interaction between wearer and the crowd outside. Take a look at the costume in action:

Although the costume seems to be not especially comfortable to wear (as it’s weight is around 40 pound), it is one of the most amazing costume ideas i came across lately. In case you have the ability and the resources to build something similiar: the box was build around a 24inch LCD in the front displaying a live and enlarged videofeed of the face of the wearer, taken by a camera in the box. It also uses a camera on the outside with the videofeed of this camera being displayed on a screen in the inside of the box to enable the wearer to watch the outside. In case you are interested, a good description of the whole setup can be found Gururamen.

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