Carnival of Venice – Magnificent venetian carnival masks, hats and costumes to wear

The Carnival of Venice is considered as the most popular tourist attraction in Venice, Italy. The festival showcases distinguished expressions of local folks and visitors wearing beautiful venetian carnival masks, exquisite hats and traditional costumes. The celebration in the carnival of Venice is often referred as every photographer’s paradise, with classical and modern Venetian carnival masks parade around the city. It is celebrated a couple of weeks before Ash Wednesday, though traditionally the masquerade masks are officially allowed to wear in the day of the feast of Saint Stephens on December 26. Still, most people in Venice can still spend significant time wearing venetian carnival masks on the day of Ascension and from the fifth of October until Christmas.

Venetian masks are often made in special materials like metal, leather, papier mâché or a material made using the “glass technique”. Most venetian masks evokes symbolic and figurative themes, though the masks can also be practical and simply designed. The venetian carnival masks these days are elegantly hand-painted and richly ornamented with stucco, gems and feathers.

Of course aside from the masks, make sure you wear bewitching head accessories and foxy Venetian ensemble. This costume completes the look if you go to a costume party, or if you decide to go on parade in the Carnival of Venice.

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