Costume made to look like their small archetypes

Costumes made to look like any well known model nearly always brings out the laughter in any costume parade. One such example are costumes made to look like the Lego man. These costumes are colorful and eye-catching. The inspiration for these outfits revolve from the arrays of interlocking small bricks, plastic blocks and mini figures from the construction toy line of the famous Lego brand.

Aside from buying such a costume if available, there seem to be many different ways to create one, most often using various materials like plastic, foam and card boards. Most apparently, the self-made costumes featured in the videos seem to be derived or resemble the well known Lego figures, featuring in one way or another the distinct head, trapezoid body, robotic hands, rectangular leg and feet. Also, the classic and basic colors such as yellow for the head and hands, blue, green or white for the body and then black or blue for the legs and feet were used. Some costumes were made even more remarkable by placing the 6 or 4 attached rounded knobs that are so characteristical for the Lego toys onto the body. Whatever Lego man costume you choose, it will likely be the one of the highlights of any carnival party – everyone will surely love it!

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