Costume idea: dressing up as Jigsaw Puppet

One of the best known and most popular movies of the horror genre in recent years is undoubtedly the SAW film series. The plot of the film series revolves around a sadistic psychopath, the Jigsaw Killer, who imprisons his victims in skurile torture machines. The Jigsaw Killer wants to test their will to survive. For many of the victims of the situation in Jigsaw torture machines seem hopeless, but the crazed serial killer has built-in a loophole into each of these machines which offers the delinquent a small chance of survival. But in order to stay alive, his victims have to pay a heavy price. In order to escape death, the victims of the jigsaw killer have to inflict harm on themselves or even kill other people. But the FBI is hot on the heels of the Jigsaw Killer, to put an end to his brutal intrigues.

Since the surprise success of the movie premiere of the first part of SAW in 2004, this horror-thriller was followed by 5 sequels. The SAW film series has a large fan base, therefore it is not surprising that you can often see people wearing a SAW costume on Carnival or Halloween. The most popular character seems to be the so-called ‘Jigsaw Puppet’, with a life-size doll wearing a terrifying  mask, which can be seen in the SAW movies very often. Many moviegoers might remember the odd and scary scenes with the SAW Puppet riding a kids tricycle.

Therefore, we want to introduce the costume idea of the ‘Jigsaw Puppet’. The most important part of the jigsaw costume is the scary mask. Everyone who wants to wear the jigsaw mask, has a little choice than buying the original license mask, if he doesn’t wants to invest many hours in building a replica. But there seem to be some diehard fans who did not deter to elaborate their own  replicas of the mask. You will find some examples of the numerous replicas of the Jigsaw mask on the Youtube video portal.

Other essential components of the jigsaw costume are a black tuxedo jacket with trousers, some white gloves, a red bow tie and red sneakers. These parts can be bought as a package in the costume stores. Those who don’t necessarily depend on a 100% accurate original costume, might also use an old black suit combined with the other clothes as described above. Thus, the Jigsaw suit being nearly complete, there is only one thing missing to make the costume perfect, a kids tricycle. There is no need to by a kids tricycle, just ask your youger siblings or the neighbours nicely to lend you theirs. Riding a tricycle in a Jigsaw Costume can be a lot of fun, as you can see in the video shown below.

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