Flexible skull masks

Looking for a scary accessory suited for halloween? If so, a skull mask might be something for you. Skull masks were used ever since the Aztecs, where they were regarded as war trophies. Later, they were passed on to other indigenous traditions and religious rituals. From there on, masquerades and costume themed party catched on with the look, increasing the demand for this disguise with the commercially sold – flexible skull masks.

These masks are often made from soft foam latex or rubber latex that can cover the whole head up to the chin line. The one who wear the masks sees through the eye socket holes, often with some nostril openings and also some slit in the mouth, so the wearer can talk, bring out the tongue and just scare the hell away of people. There are different styles of flexible skull masks that include punk skull, Frankenstein, Dracula, wolf-man, hooded skull or an old man mask. Just remember to apply a coordinating makeup around the neck in the same color of the masks.

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