Chimpanzee mask for carnival

Animal costumes are without question an evergreen at any carnival party. Often people wear costumes which are classics, such as big cat, gorilla, bee or cow. But with these animal costumes it is very likely that you won’t stand out from the crowd. Why not try something new? How about dressing up as a chimpanzee? If you want a fancy dress that is off the hook, you should try a chimp mask made of latex, a really fancy accessory for your chimpanzee costume. Masks made of foam latex are comfortable to wear because the material is soft and lightweight. It also allows you to pull faces with the mask on. In addition, the mask can be put on quickly and, unlike latex applications, is reusable. Of course you also need to paint your face. If you choose to wear an animal mask, this will save you alot of time. There are many ways to combine a chimpanzee costume, once you have bought the mask.

If you like it straightforward, you could wear a T-shirt that says ‘Please do not feed’. You can use authentic accessories for your chimpanzee costume, just take some bananas with you, it’s alot of fun to fool around with these.  Chimpanzees are social animals, so a performance with a group of crazy chimpanzees is particularly effective. It is especially funny when you play a group of chimpanzees that have escaped from the zoo. One of your costumed group could play the role of the zookeeper, who has to capture the crazed bunch of chimps again. The zookeeper’s uniform can be bought in the costume store, which should be combined with a spoon net for catching the chimpanzees.

People often ask for taking pictures, because the chimp mask is truly cute. One is the for sure, this fancy dress mask is perfect for any party. You can buy the chimp mask in this shop:


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