Venetian Metal Masks

An elegant masquerade mask is the perfect choice for a masked ball, costume party, a festival or a themed party. Particularly fancy are Venetian masks made of metal, which are also known as filigree masks. Through a special manufacturing process there are intricate patterns cut from a piece of metal, then brought into form, painted and decorated with rhinestones, depending on the mask model. The result of the manufacturing process are these high quality masquerade masks. There might be the fear that these metal masks are not easy to wear, or maybe even slip. But these concerns can be resolved. Filigree masks are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear, the weight per mask is on average about 50 grams. Due to the special shape of the masks a good air circulation is ensured, which enhances wearing comfort especially during summertime. Just like venetian masks, there are satin ribbons which provide a secure hold. These satin ribbons are tied at the back of the head and give the mask a good grip. From time to time, one should check the binding and possibly fix it, to ensure a good fit of the mask over the entire wearing period. In any case, the attachment is completely sufficient to prevent spontaneous slipping.

The sophisticated design and stunning ornaments are the elements that make these metal masks outstanding. These masks adapts well to the contours of the face, because the fit is slightly curved inward. If the mask does not fit very well, it is recommendable to bend it slightly, but you have to be very careful. There are curved recesses in the area of the eyes, which are necessary to ensure that the wearer has a good view. The masks are made from nickel-free metal and thus suitable for persons allergic to nickel, just to avoid your possible concerns for skin compatibility.

In any case, filigree masks are a stylish choice if you want to combine your costume with a mask. Even with a rather simple outfit you can improve your appearance to better advantage. Those crystal rhinestones sparkling in the sunlight are easy on the eyes, it is a true joy to look at these carnival masks. With such a beautiful piece of art you can be safe in style to the gallery, there will be many admirers asking to try your mask. But how does such a venetian metal mask looks like, when it’s worn by someone in a fancy dress costume? Please see our photos below, showcasing two assorted filigree masks.

If you want to buy the filigree metal masks that are shown in the photos, they are available in this shop:

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  1. Stefania Cea says:

    Buongiorno – ho visto queste mascherine di metallo a Venezia. Dove si possono ordinare via internet?

    Grazie e distinti saluti.

    Stefania Cea

  2. Axel says:

    Queste maschere possono essere acquistati presso:

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