Pirate Costumes – Ahoy me hearties, for swashbuckling fun parade!

Choose Pirate Costumes if you want to swash-buckle your way into a costume display. You will never go wrong, for dressing up ‘the pirate’s life’ is the biggest way to impress your friends and everyone else. Even if you will walk the street for a costume parade, the pirate costumes will bring you into the action and adventure – which all the people would surely want to see. How do you dress up as a pirate? Buckle up your boots, put on your pirate clothes and then strap your axe and sword.

Wearing a pirate costume in a party has always been fun and that can be attributed to  the characters ‘Jack Sparrow’ and ‘Angelica Malon’ of the famous Hollywood movie – Pirates of the Caribbean. If you will go as Captain ‘Jack Sparrow’, you have a variety of costume options but my suggestion would be to go for the one where Jack wears a tri-corner hat, pirate shirt, colored vest, black long jacket, black sash, trousers, high boots, belts and buckles. Don’t forget to have Jack’s signature look of braided hair, goatee and mustache.

Of course for ladies, ‘Angelica Malon’ is a clear choice, though you can also consider Elizabeth Swan. But if you will opt for Angelica, you’re on for a really sexy pirate costume. The basic look you can begin with is to wear a pheasant white chemise dress, low slung belt/buckle, low cut black shoes and white tri-corner hat. Another option is for you to wear white blouse, Victorian black corset, paisley printed vest, black skin-tight jeans, brown overcoat jacket and high-cut boots. Angelica also wears jewelry, so put on a large fancy cross necklace and then wear mismatched earrings – small parts of Jack’s hair on the right ear and then single large dangling gold hoop on the left. Bring a pirate sword or a replica long pistol and then you’re off to hoist the colors!

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