Disguised Monkey in a Japanese restaurant

Who says “monkey business” is a bad thing? Think again!

This may not exactly be a costume you can wear yourself, but anyways it is somewhat funny.

Consumers and buyers will always want and crave for something in common—and that’s obvious. They will always consider the quality of the product, if not, the uniqueness of the service. As part of the today’s trend, more and more business enthusiasts introduce new ideas to dress up their business and attract more customers. About this Japanese restaurant, the monkey in disguise operates as a perfect marketing tool in attracting more customers, and to gain public attention. Enjoy a one of a kind dining experience while saying hello to your new monkey friend in town. It’s amazing and mesmerizing how the monkey acts as a crew member and waiter in the restaurant.

On the other hand, even if this marketing strategy can be beneficial to some, I do believe there are certain issues that need to be addressed in making use of animals for business and profit-making. For instance, the ability of an animal to adopt change is at stake. We all know for a fact that most animals base their lifestyle on a particular ecosystem they live in. Altering this process may cause hazard not only to the animal’s health, more so to their life. Secondly, unfair labor practice may arise. How? Since animals cannot complain with respect to the work load, schedule and just compensation for their services, employers are free to go beyond the limits of work and abuse them, which again, is detrimental to the life of the animal.

In a nutshell, business opportunities have no boundaries. We should take note however that a wise decision includes ascertaining what is right and wrong and not mainly personal gains in the end— someday all will fall back and better if you are in the legal side of business.

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