Cybergoth outfits – Transform yourself into the Goths of the future

Cybergoth outfits have made the traditional Goths a bit old-fashioned, with their futuristic and progressive appearances. If you’ve seen the ‘conventional goth outfits’, they’re hinged into the medieval periods and also from the Gothic sub-culture. Cybergoths on the other hand is an offshoot of the original Goth scene, leaving the ethereal and dark moods into more colorful and funky aesthetics. One thing about the individuals who wear cybergoth outfits is that they are the “goths of the future”.

You have to remember that wearing a cybergoth ensemble is not as simple as they seem, the style is a bit complicated, esoteric and out of this world. Cybergoth costumes are as clear as dishwater, where the futuristic Goth fashion is pushed to the unfathomable and the extreme. Where else would you see mixtures of Raver and military styles, with a wardrobe made-up of latex, PVC bracelets and chokers with colored spikes, clothing with circuitry patterns and reflector panels and neon colored fishnets. The accessories range in contrast to conformity from PVC gas masks, aviator goggles, leg warmers and platform boots. Glow-in-the-dark radioactive and bio-hazard symbols are also popularly used.

After you’ve decided the clothes you would like to incorporate, make sure you wear the right futuristic hair and make-up. Futuristic hair is impressive, usually styled and dyed, with black as base color mixed with bright neon colors. Wild hair extensions, dreadlocks and braided wigs are commonly used. Cyber goths can also wear ‘dread falls’, locks made from synthetic hair, combined with exotic materials like foam strips, thick plastic ribbon, computer cables and tubular crin (cyberlox). The cybergoth make-up starts with light pale foundation, heavy eyeliners, and options for neon eye shadow and false eyelashes. You can shave your eyebrows and then draw them back. There are no rules with the lipsticks that you can wear, it can be blue, pink or black. You can complete your cybergoth make-up with bright face gems around the eyes.

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