Krampus Masks and Costumes

If you’ve been to the alpine regions of Europe, you may have heard about the folklore of the mythical creatures called Krampus. The Krampus masks and costumes draw inspiration from a mythical creature, which are bringing screams and nightmares in street parades in early December each year. According to the story, Krampus goes along with Saint Nicholas during Christmas season – but instead of giving gifts, it deals with naughty children where he put them in his sack to be carried away for his Christmas meal. Krampus originated from German and Austrian legends, where it appears as a demon-like creature.

According to the tradition, young men wear krampus masks and costumes in the first week of December (around the evening of Dec.5). The men wear scary devil-like mask and then carry bundles of sticks, antique bells and rusty chains; then roam the streets in many Alpine countries to scare off the children.

Craft masters meticulously create the masks and costumes, from carved wood and heavy duty wool cloak. The usual appearances of the Krampus mask and costume features sharp teeth, bulging eyes, pointed tongue, cloven hooves, long curled horns, with bewhiskered hairy head and fleecy shaggy body. If you are not skilled enough to carve such a Krampus mask on your own, there is the option buy an adequate halloween mask.

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