Moving Jaw Mask for Halloween

If you really want to throw a real scare in the next halloween party, consider one of these masks that are flexible enough to move with your jaw. Masks like these are usually made from flexible latex or soft foam Latex, covering the whole head up the neck. The masks are flexible to some extent, for the wearer it is possible to transfer some basic facial expressions onto the mask. Some of you might have recognized that the mask looks similar to the fictional character ‘Mason Verger’, which appeared as a victim of Hannibal Lecter in the movie ‘silence of the lambs’. This movie character appears as a heavily disfigured being.

The mask shown in the videos depict similiar scary details as well. Masks of this quality are often made with breathable soft skin-colored foam latex that adapts well to the head. This specific mask appears very realistic since it’s not just static, it moves along when you make facial expressions. This is the perfect disguise for Halloween, as it will easily scare anyone because it is not easy recognize it’s just special effects mask.

The mask can be bought here:

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